Embassy Welcomes Japanese Stamp Rally

The Embassy of Pakistan, in collaboration with Minato Ward,  Japan Tourism Bureau (JTB) organized Stamp Rallyand welcomed150 Japanese nationals, in two equal groups of 75 each, as part of “Embassy Stamp Rally”. The passports of the participants were stamped upon arrival with goodwill visa stamp bearing the image of Ibex (Markhor) which is Pakistan’s national animal.


The guests were accorded a warm welcome and given a detailed presentation on Pakistan’s history, culture, trade and friendship with Japan.They were also shown Pakistan’s beautiful landscape, rich heritage, tourism attractive places, strong cultural, historicaland civilizational linkage between Pakistan and Japanparticularly through Nara and Ghandhara.The presentation was followed by a lively and interactive Question-Answer Session in which the Two Second Secretaries Mr Gul Qaiser and Mr Adnan Javaidanswered questions from the several participants.


Following the presentation the delegation enjoyed Pakistani snacks and tea and expressed their deep appreciation for the love and warmth shown by the Embassy of Pakistan. 


Tokyo,  PR 20/2017