Books by Japanese Authors about Pakistan

S.No. Title  Author  Issued Date 
1. Sixty Articles to know about Paksitan Area Studies Takako Hirose, Naoya Oda, So Yamane July
 2. Global trotter - Pakistan 2007-2008  Global trotter publisher  
 3. Analysis of the current Pakistan - Ethnicity, people, nation Suguru Kurosaki, So Yamane, Susumu Kojima January
 4. Strange country Pakistan Yumiko Saito August
 5. Conversation for Travel 75 Pakistan Kazuyuki Murayama August
 6. Let's go - A Wife going to Pakistan Natsue Kogoe October 2004
 7. Pakistan - Foreign Countries looking in Our eyes Stacy Taus-Bolstad, Miyako Hirose February 2004
 8. India vs. Pakistan - International Relations Through Nuclear Strategy Fumiaki Nishiwaki August
 9. Letter from Pakistan - Country where women are not seen Yumiko Saito August
 10. Anthropology of Crosing Borders-wives of Pakistani Muslims in Japan Masako Kudo May
 11. Want to know more about Pakistan Masatoshi Konishi December
 12. Mountains and People in Hindu Kush Looking for North West of Paksitan Sadao Karibe June
 13. The Karakorum - High mountains in Pakistan Hiroki Fujita July
 14. A day without Meat - A story in Pakistan Sara Suleri, Kaori Oshima March
 15. Hatchan born in Pakistan - A midwife Experiencing Birth Overseas Natsuyo Ohno March
 16. Becoming a bride in Pakistan Akiko Wada November 1995
 17. Travel to Deserts in China and Pakistan Going on the Silk Road Tetsuo Papi November 1996
 18. Travel to Pakistan (Area guide) Katsuhiko Fujii May
 19. Kon-nichiwa! To Pakistan - Living conditions And International Cooperation Yasuhiko Sato July
 20. The Modern History of India and Pakistan Yoshiro Kageyama 1967 
 21.  Politics and Power in Pakistan - Observation On the Ruling Elite Ichiro Yamanaka January
 22. Very good country Pakistan Sanae Yoshida June
 23. Japan-Pakistan Tax Treaty - Analysis of the Tax Treaty Japan Tax Research Association March
 24. Development of the Indus River - Water and Agriculture in Paksitan (1979) Eiji Kobayashi March
 25. Reserach of the modern Pakistan (1647-1971) Research Institute for Asian Studies 1973
 26. Corporations in Paksitan (1970) Tstsuto Yamashita, Reserach Institute for Asian Studies 1970
 27. Industrial Development of Pakistan (1965) Industrial planning and the role of private capital Reserach Institute for Asian Studies 1965
 28. Economic development and international balance of payments of Pakistan (1963) Reserach Institute for Asian Studies, Hiroshi Kurimoto 1963
 29. Life and culture in Pakistan (1958) Japan Pakistan Cultural Association 1958