Ambassador addressed Gala Event of the Rotary Club at Ebina

(28-02-2017): The Ambassador addressed Gala Event of the Rotary Club at Ebina which brought together several Rotary Clubs in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Ambassador highlighted the challenges in Polio eradication and the success achieved. He expressed deep appreciation for the Japanese Government and in particular the Japanese Parliamentarians who had given whole hearted ownership to the immensely important subject. The Ambassador also acknowledged the role and efforts of the Rotary Club who sought support at the popular level and extended all out support to the cause of eradication of this horrific disease. The Ambassador also highlighted the important role of the Focal Persons, Senator, Saira Afzal Tarar, State Minister of Health Sciences Regulation and Coordination and Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq and their determination. He underlined that recognition and reward must be accorded to the brave field workers who were implementing the actual programme on the ground in difficult situations.


Turning to vital global health issues, the Ambassador highlighted Pakistan’s continuing commitments in addressing the needs of Pakistan, it sizeable refugee population still numbering nearly 5 million, and the need for coordinated and sustained International cooperation to address the new global health challenges. He also took the opportunity to highlight the excellent candidature of Dr. Sania Nishtar for the post of Director General, WHO, a Doctor who was fully conversant with Civil Society issues, global medical health challenges and robust management / reforms.


TOKYO, PR 23/2017