Tourist interest in Pakistan

(Tokyo, November 28, 2023): The Embassy of Pakistan in Japan has recently conducted a comprehensive survey aimed at gauging the interest of Japanese citizens in visiting Pakistan. The survey, administered on social media, engaged 527 Japanese participants and sought to unveil perceptions and attitudes towards visiting Pakistan.

20% of the respondents said that they had already visited Pakistan, emphasizing the existence of a segment of Japanese travelers who have explored the country. This statistic not only defies stereotypes but also underscores the untapped potential of Pakistan as a tourist destination.

Looking towards the future, the survey revealed that a substantial 59% of the participants expressed a strong intent to visit Pakistan. This response signifies a significant untapped market for tourism, presenting a valuable opportunity for Pakistan to attract a larger number of Japanese tourists. However, the survey also identified a cohort of 21% who identified apprehensions regarding security as a major hurdle in their plans.

The results paint a nuanced picture of Japanese attitudes toward tourism in Pakistan, showcasing both interest and potential challenges. The fact that a significant percentage of respondents have either visited Pakistan or expressed a desire to do so emphasizes the need for targeted efforts to promote the country's tourism offerings.