Export of Manpower from Pakistan to Japan

1st Periodic implementation meeting on Technical Intern Training program agreement between Pakistan and Japan was held online today. Raja Akhter, Joint Secretary M/o FE&PT led Pakistani delegation. He said that Pakistan and Japan are celebrating 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations in this year and both countries have always taken steps to strengthen mutual relations in almost every walk of life.

Community Welfare Attaché, Aashij Luqman stated that Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment will ensure that all sending organizations must follow the rules and regulations.

Japanese side mentioned that the process of sending trainees from Pakistan is smooth and they foresee that those Pakistanis who will get training in Japan, ranging from 1 to 5 years, will play a constructive role in Pakistan on their return from Japan. Farrukh Jamal, Director BEOE assured that they will strictly observe the processes of sending organizations.

Dr. Khalid, Director General NAVTTC stated that NAVTTC will actively engage in skills enhancement of intending trainees. It was agreed by both sides that sending process of trainees from Pakistan to Japan will be made smooth. It was agreed that there would not be any discriminatory treatment to pregnant female trainees. It was also agreed that intending trainees would bear minimum cost and maximum cost of their journey from Pakistan to Japan would be borne by accepting organizations in Japan.

It was told that Overseas Employment Corporation & National University of Technology have started connecting with accepting organizations in Japan and very soon first batch of Pakistani trainees will come to Japan.

Tokyo, PR#13/2022