Appeal for donations by Overseas Pakistanis for Helping the People Affected by Floods in Pakistan.

(Tokyo, August 28, 2022): Pakistan has been struck with unprecedented and most devastating flood in the recent history, which has led to massive losses of lives, livelihoods and infrastructure. The Government of Pakistan has established a Flood Relief Fund, namely Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022, for providing relief and rehabilitation to the affectees of torrential rains and flash floods in many parts of the country. The Fund accepts donations / contributions both from domestic and international sources.

2.       The Overseas Pakistanis are requested to send donations to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022; Code No. G-12164. In this regard, State Bank of Pakistan has devised the following guidelines to Pakistani Commercial and Microfinance Banks for collection of donations / contributions by overseas Pakistanis and to provide help to the needy:

i. Wire Transfer: Overseas donors including overseas Pakistanis may donate to the Fund through wire transfer in the Fund account maintained with their respective bank. They would simply advise their respective banks to transmit the donation amount in the Fund Account by debiting their accounts. The banks shall transmit the consolidated amount of donations received in the Fund account to the SBP on daily basis through ‘Real Time Gross Settlement’ (RTGS) system.

ii. Transfer through Money Service Bureaus, Money Transfer Operators and Exchange House: Overseas donors may also donate / contribute through Money Service Bureaus (MSBs), Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) (e.g. MoneyGram, Western Union) and Exchange Houses (EHs) in line with the arrangements in place for receiving home remittances. Banks receiving such remittances in the Fund Account shall transfer the consolidated amount through RTGS to the SBP on daily basis.

iii. The commercial banks offering Roshan Digital Account (RDA) are making the “PM Flood Relief Fund” (Code No. G-12164) available to their Roshan Samaji Khidmat page / portal enabling RDA holders to contribute to the Fund in a hassle-free manner. The banks will transmit donations received through RDA to SBP alongwith donations received through other sources on daily basis through RTGS.

3.       Pakistani community residing in Japan is requested to send donations / contributions in this hour of need.

Tokyo, PR#26/2022