Visit of Water and Sanitation Agency’s Delegation to Embassy of Pakistan Tokyo Japan

(17-01-2017): A 19 member delegation of WASA Government of Punjab visited the Embassy during their training programme organized by JICA. The delegation comprising officials both from technical side as well as financial side of WASA, is currently on a learning visit to Japan. As water and sanitation has assumed immense importance the need for skills enhancement of the concerned authorities is an imperative.


During the visit to Japan, they will also be visiting Yokohama Purification Plant to have first-hand technical as well as managerial knowledge to know how to manage and run water projects. During their visit at Embassy they briefed the officers about the purpose of their visit to Japan which is learning from Japanese the techniques for improvement in the supply management of potable water. During interaction with the Embassy’s Officers, it was agreed that in the wake of the depleting water resources in the country especially the failing level of underground water, a better water supply management is the need of the hour. It was further emphasized that we as a Nation should learn the proper utilization of this precious bestow of Nature. The rapidly diminishing resources need to be managed much more carefully both by the authorities and by the consumers, the citizens of the country.


The Ambassador emphasized that it was critical to ensure that the technical staff members who are responsible for service delivery through proper operation and maintenance of the machinery and delivery system could be trained in Japan and see themselves how the world’s most advance society manages the vital resource of water. The enhancement of their capacities really matters more as they are the right people to know their job and skill.

The Ambassador appreciated the role of JICA to include in the present delegation, the people who really are at the level of service delivery and asked JICA to increase the participation of these people in all sort of future learning visits. The Ambassador acknowledged that JICA has for the first time included concerned technical government officials including grade 11.



PR No.04/2017