Passport & Visa

Q: Can I pay Visa, Passport, Attestation, etc Fee through credit card?
Answer: Payment can be made through cash only.

Q: My passport is expired and would like to renew it. 
Answer: Please visit the consular section for requirements.   

Q: When can I apply for renewal of the passport. 
Answer: One should apply for renewal/new passport at least 40 days before expiry. However in case a person is facing problems in applying for visa for another country, he can apply for a fresh passport 6 months before the expiry date.

Q) Does the Pakistan embassy in Japan issue (machine readable)Computerized passport? 
Answer: No, we do not have the facility as yet. Computerized passports can be issued only in Pakistan.

(Q) How I can obtain urgent Passport? 
Answer. Within 24 hours if you personally visit the Consular section. However, through post or courier service, it may take a week.

(Q) How long it takes in obtaining renewal with ordinary fee? 
Answer. If applicant presents his documents personally, it will take ten days but through post or courier service, it  takes at least two weeks.  

(Q) How long it takes to obtain attestation of documents already attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? 
Answer. After depositing of fee, duly filled attestation form and relevant documents in the morning time, papers are delivered on the same day in the evening after 4 pm.