Defence Day Celebrated at Pakistan Embassy

(14-09-2017): The Defence Day was celebrated at the Embassy to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the 1965 war. The event was attended by senior military officers of Japan and Defence Wing of other countries followed by reception.


Ambassador Asad M. Khan in his address highlighted the sacrifices and the valour shown by the Armed Forces of Pakistan in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan against aggression by a much larger neighbour in 1965.

The Ambassador added that Pakistan was situated in a region where we faced a precarious peace and security environment. This required an ever more vigilant and fully prepared Armed Force ready to respond to any threat or challenge.

The Ambassador emphasized that, internally the country had moved ahead in a determined manner under the National Action Plan to combat terrorism and to remove the scourge of extremism from our soil for good. He stated that through sustained military and law enforcement operations, including Zarb-e-Azb, Ruddul Fasad and Khyber IV, Pakistan had made remarkable gains in wiping out terrorists of all hues and colours from Pakistan’s soil resulting in improved security situation in the country with the current year witnessing the lowest number of terrorist incidents in over a decade. The Ambassador dedicated this success to the huge sacrifices, both in blood and treasure, made by the people of Pakistan including the Armed Forces.


The Ambassador underscored the improved security environment was accompained by sustained economic turnaround in Pakistan, duly appreciated by the international community through its renewed economic, commercial and investment interests in Pakistan.

Ambassador Khan reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to the idea that the best way to resolve conflicts was through dialogue and peaceful means and that without peace and stability, economic prosperity could not be sustained. The Ambassador maintained that this overarching vision underpined the present government’s policy of a ‘peaceful neighbourhood’ and is driving the outreach to Pakistan’s neighbours both to the East and West.


The Ambassador also appreciated the cooperation of the Japanese Self Defence Forces with Pakistan Armed Forces particularly, in the realm of training and capacity building support and hoped that both the countries would continue to enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship for the sake of world peace.


TOKYO, (Press Section) # 48